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Professional Telescopes

Friday Movie (and Sing-along)

A rock ballad from the 1970s now has a cosmic twist.

History and Sky Lore

Watch Winter Arrive

Finally, a live webcast of the solstice sunrise.

Astronomy and Society

New Astro Radio and Podcasts

Improve your mind with some science-related audio.

Space Missions

You Can't Go Home (or Work) Again

Visiting where I worked 20 years ago reveals a changed place.

People, Places, and Events

Like Chocolate in Your Peanut Butter

When two great things come together. . .


People, Places, and Events

Undiscovered Country

A detailed overview of Antarctica was released yesterday.

People, Places, and Events

For the Garden

Careful attention goes into bringing back a classic telescope. Watch how it's done.

Space Missions

Good Morning Earth

The Kaguya spacecraft provides a nice way to start the day with a look back home.

Stellar Science

New Route to a Supernova

A distant supernova erupted with signs that it marked the death of not one star, but two.


The Record Stellar-Mass Black Hole

In a nearby galaxy, astronomers find the biggest-ever small black hole.

Space Missions

Seeing More Red

A new series about going to Mars premieres this week. But that's just the beginning of your multimedia adventure.


Sox and Comet

For heaven's sake, get out and look at Comet Holmes.

Equipment: Guides & Recommendations

A Fresh Start

This new computer is ready for the latest astro software.

Solar System

Automated Lunar Impacts

NASA is watching the Moon to see how often it gets hit by meteoroids.

Professional Telescopes

Students To Go Pulsar Hunting

High-school students in West Virginia will sift through data from one of the world's largest radio telescopes to look for pulsars. Astronomers expect that they will find dozens.

Milky Way

There Might Be Supergiants

A new view from the Hubble Space Telescope reveals the goings on in a cluster full of massive stars.

Sat Tracking

Space Missions

Follow that Station!

Our renewed online tool will let you follow humans orbiting Earth.

Space Missions

Hi-Def from Space

A Moon-bound spacecraft looks back to shoot Earth in high-definition glory.

Star-tail galaxy


New Stars in a Galaxy's Wake

More than 200 million light-years away, a galaxy is shedding gas as it moves. Surprisingly, stars have popped up in the material left behind.

Astronomy and Society

Let's Count Stars!

Researchers want you to help them examine the pervasiveness of light pollution during October.