Track the Stars

Enghoejvej 17, 3660 Ganloese, Denmark


Sean Walker

The Danish company Track The Stars rolls out its TTS-160 Panther (starting at €3,887, or about U.S. $5,200), a modular Go To portable telescope pier. TTS-160 is an alt-azimuth tracking pier using an innovative counterweight system for maximum portability. The mount features 120-mm and 100-mm bronze worm gears in its altitude and azimuth axes for smooth tracking, driven by DC servo drives with optical encoders for precise slewing up to 3.5° per second. The mount can support telescopes up to about 50 pounds (23 kilograms), depending on the telescope’s length, and accepts the popular Losmandy D-style mounting plate system. Its Go To computer includes all the Messier, NGC, and IC catalogs, plus all the planets, and it connects to a PC via a RS-232 interface using the LX200 protocol. The TTS-160 is capable of deep-sky astrophotography with the optional de-rotator attachment and accepts autoguider commands via a standard ST-4 port. See the manufacturer’s website for additional options, accessories, and features.'s New Product Showcase is a reader service featuring innovative equipment and software of interest to amateur astronomers. The descriptions are based largely on information supplied by the manufacturers or distributors. Sky & Telescope assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of vendors statements. For current price and additional information contact the manufacturer or distributor. Announcements should be sent to Not all announcements will be listed.


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