JTW Astronomy

Aalsmeerderweg 103M, 1432CJ, Aalsmeer, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

NPS_L200Spectrograph_300pxJTW Astronomy announces the Spectra-L200 ($1,830), a slit spectrograph for amateur telescopes. Based on the Littrow spectrograph design, the Spectra-L200 allows users with modest telescopes to produce the high-resolution spectra needed to explore the structure and chemical makeup of stars and bright nebulae, or to see the redshift of distant quasars. A custom, multireflective entrance slit plate provides a unique arrangement of nine different slit gaps, ranging from 20 to 100 microns, and three pinholes that you can quickly select using a built-in thumbwheel. The unit attaches to your telescope using a female T-thread and weighs 2.7 pounds (1.2 kilograms). It performs best with telescopes having focal ratios of f/7 or greater. The heart of the instrument is a reflective grating positioned behind an oversized achromatic doublet. Its highly reflective chromium surface and transfer mirror enable you to directly track the target star through the guide port with your autoguiding camera. Additional gratings and accessories are available through the manufacturer's website.

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