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Thousand Year Eclipse CanonsAstronomer and frequent Sky & Telescope contributor Fred Espenak releases two compendiums for eclipse chasers and researchers alike. Thousand Year Canon of Solar Eclipses: 1501 to 2500 ($34.99, or $51.99 in 4-color print) is a comprehensive catalog of essential characteristics of each of the 2,389 solar eclipses occurring throughout this 10-century period. The book presents fundamental concepts of eclipse classifications, as well as statistical analysis of occurrences, including hte location of greatest eclipse duration. Global maps of the path of visibility are carefully plotted and arranged 12 per page. 294 pages. Thousand Year Canon of Lunar Eclipses: 1501 to 2500 ($34.99, or $51.99 in 4-color print) does the same for each of the 2,424 lunar eclipses occurring in the 10-century time frame. 298 pages, 8½ by 11 inches, paperback.'s New Product Showcase is a reader service featuring innovative equipment and software of interest to amateur astronomers. The descriptions are based largely on information supplied by the manufacturers or distributors. Sky & Telescope assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of vendors statements. For further information contact the manufacturer or distributor. Announcements should be sent to [email protected]. Not all announcements will be listed.


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