Apogee Imaging Systems

151 N. Sunrise Ave. Suite 902, Roseville, CA 95661

916-218-7450; ccd.com

Sean Walker

Apogee Imaging Systems announces the Aspen Series of CCD cameras. The camera design features improved stray-light baffling, an anti-reflection-coated silica chamber window for maximum light throughput, and a robust shutter rated for more than 5 million cycles. The camera includes USB 2.0 interface and a built-in Ethernet interface with an internal web server for internet-ready remote operation. Its thermoelectric cooling with forced air is capable of temperatures of 70°C below ambient with ± 0.1°C stability. The Aspen is available with a wide array of detectors, including full-frame, interline transfer, or spectroscopy CCDs, and supports multiple binning modes. Each camera comes with a 12-volt power brick and is compatible with the company’s filter wheels and other accessories. See the manufacturer’s website for additional information.

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