Total solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse of July 11, 1991.

S&T: Dennis diCicco.

Most of the Americas just get a partial eclipse of the Sun on Friday, April 8th — while much of the United States, and most of the rest of the world, miss out entirely.

But you don't have to miss the show! Lots of people and groups in the line of totality or annularity will be webcasting the event from their locations. Here are some links to try, along with the person or group responsible and the location (country or ship).

Warning: if the past is any guide, expect Web traffic jams on eclipse day! You may have to try several sites.
(, Panama; live)

of North Dakota, Panama; live)

Djodeiri Khodashenas, MS Galapagos Legend; live)

(Universidad de Sonora, Mexico; live, in Spanish)

Eclipse 2005, MS Galapagos Legend; live)

Bruenjes, MS Galapagos Legend; near-live)

(Grupo Saros, MS Galapagos Legend and Panama; near-live)

(Thomas Goodey,
Panama; near-live)

(Alexander Birkner, MS Discovery; near-live, in German)

(Dirk Ewers, MS Discovery; near-live, in German)


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