Jupiter by Cassini

Jupiter, seen here in a true color image taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, is the king of the planetary moons. With 61 identified satellites, it tops the nearest contender, Saturn, by 30 objects.

Courtesy NASA/JPL/University of Arizona.

At the 25th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, held from July 13–26 in Sydney, Australia, the Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature announced the names of two dozen planetary satellites discovered since 2000. On the list were 11 Jovian moons, 12 Saturnian moons, and one around Uranus.

Six of Jupiter's moons were named for conquests of the Greek god Zeus and five for the daughters of Zeus. The Saturnian satellites were named for Norse, Inuit, or Gallic giants. Uranus's moon was named Trinculo, for a character in William Shakespeare's The Tempest.

For more information about planetary moons, visit Sky & Telescope's Guide to Planetary Satellites.

Newly Named Satellites of Jupiter
Temporary Designation Formal Designation Name
S/2001 J  1 Jupiter XXVIII  Autonoe
S/2001 J  2 Jupiter XXIX    Thyone
S/2001 J  3 Jupiter XXX     Hermippe
S/2001 J 11 Jupiter XXXI    Aitne
S/2001 J  4 Jupiter XXXII   Eurydome
S/2001 J  7 Jupiter XXXIII  Euanthe
S/2001 J 10 Jupiter XXXIV   Euporie
S/2001 J  9 Jupiter XXXV    Orthosie
S/2001 J  5 Jupiter XXXVI   Sponde
S/2001 J  8 Jupiter XXXVII  Kale
S/2001 J  6 Jupiter XXXVIII Pasithee
Newly Named Satellites of Saturn
Temporary Designation Formal Designation Name
S/2000 S  1 Saturn XIX    Ymir
S/2000 S  2 Saturn XX     Paaliaq
S/2000 S  4 Saturn XXI    Tarvos
S/2000 S  6 Saturn XXII   Ijiraq
S/2000 S 12 Saturn XXIII  Suttung
S/2000 S  5 Saturn XXIV   Kiviuq
S/2000 S  9 Saturn XXV    Mundilfari
S/2000 S 11 Saturn XXVI   Albiorix
S/2000 S  8 Saturn XXVII  Skadi
S/2000 S 10 Saturn XXVIII Erriapo
S/2000 S  3 Saturn XXIX   Siarnaq
S/2000 S  7 Saturn XXX    Thrym
Newly Named Satellite of Uranus
Temporary Designation Formal Designation Name
S/2001 U 1 Uranus XXI Trinculo


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