Tony Flanders

Deep-Sky Wonders, the new book by Sue French, is now available for pre-order on the Shop at Sky website.

This lavishly illustrated volume contains 100 of Sue's favorite sky tours (25 per season) from her 11 years of writing for Sky & Telescope. It includes 77 of her Deep-Sky Wonders columns plus the 23 Small-Scope Sampler columns that complement those best.

Few other writers can match Sue's knowledge of the sky, and nobody else selects celestial targets with such originality and flair. In every tour, she tries to include some objects that will be easy and gratifying for beginners, at least one that will challenge the most skilled observers — and everything in between. She includes observations with instruments of all sizes, from handheld binoculars to her 15-inch reflector — plus views through bigger scopes owned by friends and astronomy clubs.

No matter what your equipment or skill level, this book is your guide to many long, happy, and fruitful nights of observing. It's a book you can start with, grow with, and continue to learn from for the rest of your life.

If you pre-order now, your copy will ship by September 26th. Don’t miss this opportunity to reserve your advance copy today!


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