Sky & Telescope's newest eBook gazes into the abyss of black holes. Learn about the mysterious leviathans that lurk in every major galaxy, shaping the evolution of the universe. Download FREE with registration.

Black Holes eBook

Black holes are the ultimate unknown. Nothing, not even light, can escape their confines. The mysterious leviathans affect everything around them, even changing the course of evolution for the galaxies they call home. Now the editors of Sky & Telescope have compiled a free eBook that will reveal the secrets of black holes near and very far. Black Holes is free with website registration.

"A Quasar in Every Galaxy?" by Robert Irion chronicles the mounting evidence that almost every major galaxy plays host to a supermassive black hole lurking in its core.

"How Black Holes Helped Build the Universe" by Christopher Wanjek show how, without black holes, we wouldn't recognize the universe around us, and we might not even exist.

In "Spinning Hearts of Darkness", scientist Laura Brenneman looks into one of black holes' most curious properties: their spin. Turns out that measuring how fast a black hole whirls can teach us how it grew.

"Einstein's Shadow" by S&T editor Camille Carlisle, introduces a planet-wide telescope that has set its sight on directly imaging the silhouette of Milky Way's very own supermassive black hole.

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