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Giacomo Bartolacci



Location of Photo:

Lucignano, Tuscany - Italy

Date/Time of photo:

15th June 2011


Vixen GP, modified EOS 40D at 400 ISO on William Optic 80/555 TMB flattened with Hotech Flattener. The central shot was taken at 22:13, during greatest eclipse; the left one at 23:09, 7 minutes after totality ending, the right one at 22:15, 7 minutes before totality beginning. Time expressed in Local Time (GMT+2 because of the daylight saving time).


the journey of the moon through the Earth's shadow was possible by positioning the moon, at the beginning of the totality and by tracking the star motion, on the right side of the frame; the Moon, due to its own sweep, has moved till the left side, giving the illusion that the moon enters the shadow, not vice versa. A timelapse better explains this.


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