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Parisa Bajelan

Location of Photo:

Hyrcanian forests - Semnan - Iran

Date/Time of photo:

31 May 2020 - 04:25


Canon 6D Modified Camera ISO 4000 16-35 @16 mm Canon lens f/2.8 30.00 secs Stacked 8 shots for the Sky & 28 shots for foreground


A Bright meteor above the Andromeda Galaxy, millions of stars & a cottage in the middle of a millions year forest! The fog is gone and the stars are waiting for us. The moon lit up the cottage in the middle of the ancient Hyrcanian forest, mountains and meadow with colorful flowers, then it sets. It got dark everywhere. A bright meteor hit the sky. right above the Andromeda Galaxy. The air-glow appeared. On the left hand, you can see the green colors. The air-glow went up and the Milky Way came up and gradually the sun was rising and the fog came back.




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