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Roberto Ortu

Location of Photo:

Cabras, Sardinia, Italy

Date/Time of photo:

01-01-2023 from 22:30 UTC to 22:55 UTC


Celestron 114/910 Newtonian, Planetary camera QHY5L-II-C, Filter UV IR cut, Laptop computer


This is my lunar mosaic of the waxing gibbous mineral Moon (9.50 days old). Using the "Mineral Moon" technique, I increased the saturation in each of the parts of the mosaic to highlight the slight chromatic differences, which indicate a different concentration of chemical elements on the surface of our satellite. So the blue of the lunar seas indicates a higher presence of iron and titanium, orange or yellow areas are rich in iron but poor in titanium and red ones are poor in both elements. Relatively recent impact craters tend to be blue or light blue, while older ones tend to be red and dark blue. The brown color indicates the presence of ancient magma.