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Location of Photo:

Julian, CA

Date/Time of photo:

July 23-26, 2022


Planewave CDK24


This title is from Phil Plait who has an excellent description for what may be happening here... https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/a-dying-stars-magnetic-racing-stripes And an excellent science paper... https://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu/pdf/1997MNRAS.289..665S Skies we're very dark and steady during this data acquisition with the FWHM on the 10-min Ha subs between 1.26" and 2.2". OIII subs varied between 1.3" and 2.2". Nearly all the "racing stripe" energy is in Ha with the majority of OIII in the core. A light RGB screen was placed over the top to add a bit more star color. The HaOIII combination was tuned to have nearly the same color balance as the RGB for both the stars and the nebula core.