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Location of Photo:

Parsec Observatory, Canoas, Brazil

Date/Time of photo:

March, 14-2017; 04:42 UT


C14 Edge + ASI 224 + PM 2X + L filter


A Jupiter, two moments! Two photos with an interval of just over one hour clearly show the rotation speed of the solar system giant, which is about 9.925 hours. In it we can highlight two formations that highlight this fact, one is the GRS that was neither visible in the first photo, the second is the Oval BA (which looks like a small red spot) that shows in an incontestable way the amplitude of the displacement. In both photos it is possible to observe a lot of detail in the bands and belts. Another thing that remains is the worsening of seeing from the first to the second photo, although both have gone through the same line of processing the difference in the definition of the fine detail is very evident


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