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Canoas, RS, Brazil

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Celestron C14 HD + ASI 290MC + PM 2X + L filter


Mars this year gave a real Show. . . That being so, I could not fail to register it. This composition, made with an approximate interval of 10 to 15 days between the photos, starts on July 31 when the planet reaches the largest apparent diameter (24.3 "arc) and ends on December 5 when it was with only 8,9 "of arc. Three things are very evident in such a work: first, the marked reduction of the diameter as the planet departs; secondly, the phase decrease as it approaches the quadrature and, finally, the marked reduction of the South Polar Calota, which, in the last photo, is reduced to a small point. . . Like Nike the Greek Goddess of Victory, the source of my inspiration, Mars has won my expectations, won my longings and brought me the feeling of having witnessed an unforgettable epic event. . . "The planetary arrangement was inspired by the shape of the wing of the Goddess Nike" PS: This was a composition I had saved unheard of for the Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019. Although it was not selected, it deserves to be published!


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