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Jakob Andersen

Location of Photo:

Falster, Denmark - outside the city of Sønder Kirkeby

Date/Time of photo:



Nikon D5500, Ioptron skytracker, Samyang 24mm - Settings: F2.2 / ISO 400


This last sunday was really good for taking Milky Way photos, so I drove out into the night to a field where I could effortlessly walk into the field without ruining anything. It was completely windless, and reasonably cold - between almost every picture I had to wipe the dew off the lens. This is my biggest panorama to date, and has taken "a little" time to get as I wanted. At the top of the picture a little to the right you can see the star Vega, at the bottom left below the constellation you can see our neighboring galaxy Andromeda, and across the field you can see our beautiful Milky Way with the core which was on its way up over the horizon.