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Joseph Pedit

Location of Photo:

Moncure, North Carolina

Date/Time of photo:

2021 November 10, 9:13 PM


Nikon D610 DSLR, Tamron SP 35mm F/1.4 Di USD lens, static tripod


The SpaceX Crew-3 rocket was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on 2021 November 10. This image sequence was acquired from the B. Everett Jordan dam in central North Carolina. The sequence shows a bright meteor cross paths with a plane (left) and the rocket (right). (3 frame sequence spanning 5.6 seconds: Nikon D610, Tamron SP 35mm F/1.4 Di USD at f/1.4, 1.6 seconds, iso 2000) A larger version (7845 x 3503 pixels) is available if needed.