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Location of Photo:

Inner mongolia, China

Date/Time of photo:

2014 June 25


Pentax K-5; WALIMEX 14 f2.8; O-GPS1


As presented by 2014 Star party of Sichuan astronomy club. The image above show a silent starry night of Tengger desert in China. The Centural bugle of Milky way in the constellation sagittarius and Scorpio appear on the left and the bright planet Saturn is on the right. Tengger desert is one of the four biggest desert in China, dotted hundreds of oasis. In this oasis nightview, both Antares, the Scorpion's heart and planet Saturn is beautifully reflected in this oasis’s calm waters. As added by the photographer:” In this profound and quiet night, I also enjoyed the croaks of frog and insect. They were singing a serenade of oasis.”




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