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Canon Lau

Location of Photo:

Hong Kong

Date/Time of photo:

2020.06.21 06:16-09:26 UT


TOA130 + Canon 60Da digital camera


This was the partial solar eclipse on June 21 from HKT 14:16-17:26. The equipment used were Takahashi TOA-130 refractor telescope with Baader 3.8 solar filter on front. Camera settings were ISO100 with exposure time 1/5000s. As the images under the above setting still appeared to be over-exposed, the aperture of the TOA130 telescope was reduced to 9cm in order to limit the amount of sunlight entering the scope. There were several times I have to stop the shooting to review the images. But most of the time the remote shutter control has done its job, shooting every 5 seconds. This series of pictures could serve as a record of that day.


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