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Amar A. Sharma



Location of Photo:

Sivanhalli, beside Bannerghatta National Park, South Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Date/Time of photo:

12th Feb. 2005, ~7 pm evening


Simple Fixed tripod method, Vivitar V3800N SLR camera, Tamron lens 28-105mm f/4-f/22 lens..time exposure was given of approximately half an hour.


This photo taken on a winter evening of 12th Feb. 2005 shows a very bright Iridium satellite with central brightening of mag. -7 or so reported then!!! Unfortunately I dont remember the satellite name. The location was in the Northern sky. I luckily got it at the very last seconds of it exiting it's phase of brightening peak..I was moving the camera just at the time it was about it beging flaring. But by then supposedly the camera on tripod was already aimed at the region and it got recorded...very fortunately for me..whew!! This is a beautiful bright flare! Then I left the camera exposed hoping for some beautiful star-trails.




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