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T. J. Domsalla

Location of Photo:

near Heidelberg, Germany

Date/Time of photo:

August to October 2007


Takahashi FSQ 106N on a Losmansy G11/Gemini. STL11000M with Astrodon LRGB and H-Alpha filters. Guiding with a MiniBorg 45ED and the SBIG Remote Guider Head.


In about 3.900 light years distance, embedded in an band of dark nebulas, lies the Cocoon nebula. This image shows a detailed view of the neighborhood with dark clouds of matter that are not so dark at all. Red bands of light emitting gas cross the field in this 10.5 hours exposure of IC5146. While taking the image a badger tried to keep me off from his patch, but at least he accepted me as not to dispute his territory but only in our rare clear nights.




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