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Philipp Salzgeber

Location of Photo:

Wolfurt, Austria

Date/Time of photo:

2022-10-25, 12:40


127mm f/8 Astro-Physics Refractor, Nikon Z6 Camera, 2x teleconverter, Baader Photographic Solar Film


The partial solar eclipse on October 25th happened conveniently during lunch break, and the skies were perfectly clear. I opted for the big refractor (Astro-Physics 127mm f/8) combined with a 2x Nikon teleconverter in the hope to capture some detail in the form of sunspots on the solar disc. I setup the camera to record a set of timelapse images, taking a picture every 20s. After I while I also setup the 60mm refractor to be able to observe the eclipse visually. Shortly after maximum eclipse I noticed an airplane with contrail heading to the area of the sky where the sun was located. From past experience I thought that it will miss the sun (the apparent diameter of the sund and moon in the sky is only about half a thumb’s width at arm-length), but switched the camera to video and started recording. Looking through the 60mm refractor I was not sure if the plane already had passed, so I looked up to see if the contrail was already on the other side of the sun, but with the sun’s glare I couldn’t see it. So I continued to watch and when suddenly the plane crossed the solar disc right in the middle I was very pleasantly surprised.