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Location of Photo:

Stillwater Lake NS

Date/Time of photo:

Feb 2, 2023


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HFG1 (Heckathorn-Fesen-Gull 1) and Abell 6 make for a interesting pair of planetary nebulae (PN). Abell 6 is in the lower right of the image and has the bubble look of most PNs. The nebula has a blue/green look from ionization of OIII. Abell 6 has a fairly strong Ha component as well. Discovered in 1982, HFG1 (PK 136+05) is in the centre of the image, and it has a more complex structure. The planetary nebula is formed from the binary star, V664. The binary system is comprised of a white dwarf, and a large red giant star. The two stars are very close and rotate about each other in just 14 hours. Integration time: 43 hrs Ha, Oiii and RGB from my Bortle 4/5 backyard Telescope: Skywatcher Esprit 100 ED APO Imaging Camera: ZWO 2600MM Pro Guiding: Skywatcher EVOGuide Scope with ZWO ASI120MM camera Filter: Optolong Ha, Oiii and RGB for the stars Mount: Skywatcher EQ6R-Pro Calibration: Flats and flat darks Hardware Control: ASIAIR Pro, Pegasus Power Box and ZWO EAF Processing: The selected images were pre-processed and processed using Pixinsight.