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Location of Photo:

Tehran - Iran

Date/Time of photo:

22 Feb 2023 / 06:13 pm


Canon EOS 6D modified - Canon 16 ~ 35 Lens @16mm


Conjunction between Moon and Jupiter when 7% Lunar Waxing Crescent sits just 1° left of Jupiter When the Sun is 7° below the horizon before the Bright Civil Twilight ends. it’s the three-for-one spectacle that includes Venus serving as the apex of a thin, isosceles triangle that’s less than 7½° long. That triangle includes all three of the brightest night-sky objects. The pink halo radiation is the "Afterglow" phenomenon which made a pink-purple area on the western horizon shortly after sunset. According to the American Meteorological Society AMS; A broad arc is occasionally seen in the solar (as opposed to antisolar) sky during the darker half of civil twilight. The afterglow chiefly consists of the purple light and bright segment. During clear twilights, a faintly glowing band is visible above the solar point when the sun's elevation is -7° < h0 < -18° https://glossary.ametsoc.org/wiki/Afterglow info: Canon EOS 6D modified f2/8 1/30 sec Canon 16 ~ 35 Lens @16mm ISO 100 22 Feb 2023 / 06:13 pm Tehran - Iran