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Location of Photo:

Ayr Ontario Canada

Date/Time of photo:

Sep 23 2022


Esprit 150ED, ASIAIR, ASI2600MM, EQ8-Rh Pro, Astronomik 6nm SHO filters


NGC 7635 - As a child, I used to enjoy blowing bubbles outside on a warm spring day when there was a slight breeze. My mother would mix up some household dish washing detergent and water in a shallow dish which I would then dip into with a plastic ring. As I blew my bubbles, I would try to make the biggest bubble possible. Now, years later, I’ve captured this image of a “bubble” 7 light years across. Most bubbles are short lived, but not this one. Estimated to be 4 million years old, it will survive another 10 million years until the bubble's bright star, SAO 20575, explodes into a supernova. Using Drizzle technology, I was able to improve the image resolution to reveal the bubble's web like detail. Over 25 hours of the very best subs were selected to produce this final image.