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Joe Dellinger

Location of Photo:

Muleshoe NWR, Texas panhandle

Date/Time of photo:

2012-05-21 01-37-38 UT


Nikon D200 camera with 70-300mm zoom lens about halfway out, unfiltered.


The satellite pictures told me I should head West into New Mexico for clear skies near the centerline, but I wanted to observe the eclipse from my home state of Texas. Muleshoe National Wildlife Reserve looked like a good spot. I set my camera on a tripod to shoot a picture every 25 seconds and then ignored it and just enjoyed the eclipse. I got a nice eclipse sunset sequence, but out of that entire sequence only this one shot has the complete ring uninterrupted by moon or clouds! At the time of this photo the sky was 95% clouded, but fortunately there was a narrow band of clear just above the Western horizon. This picture was taken unfiltered, and fairly accurately presents what the event looked like to the naked eye. Far from detracting from the event, the clouds framed the sunset eclipse quite nicely, and the West Texas "red ball" sunset was all I hoped for.


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