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Dr Alan Potts

Location of Photo:

Newport, South Wales, UK

Date/Time of photo:

14th May 2020 / 22h 55m to 23h 23m UTC


130PDS Sky-Watcher Newtonian, D3200 Nikon DSLR


The image represents a 16m 35s stack of 5s subframes at 3200 ISO (in DSS). There is an antitail which points approximately 10 degrees clockwise relative to the solar direction. Presumably this is dust left behind by the comet, each particle undergoing its own orbit. The tail points, as luck would have it, toward the interesting barred spiral galaxy NGC 2633.


Image of Alan Potts

Alan Potts

May 23, 2020 at 9:49 am

Just checked around for other images of the comet and find one from Martin Mobberley on 20th May which shows the very dominant sunward (ish) pointing dust tail and the probable plasma tail (very faint) in nearly the opposite direction:


The earth passes through the plane of the comet's orbit on 25th May. So the tail should narrow to more of a spike on that date.

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