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Location of Photo:

Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain

Date/Time of photo:

This photo was taken on the night of 17-18 March 2021


To take this photo I used my remotely-operated robotic dual rig. Scopes: APM TMB LZOS 152 Refractors Cameras: QSI6120wsg8 Mount: 10Micron GM2000 HPS


ARP 242 - The Mice Galaxies - is a pair of interacting galaxies in the constellation of Coma Berenices about 300 light-years from Earth. They were discovered by William Herschel on March 13, 1785 giving them designation NGC 4676. The northern galaxy is IC 819 and the southern IC 820. I'm intrigued at how the night sky must appear when viewed from within one of these galaxies, with two "milky ways" crossing the sky.




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