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Hal Heaton



Location of Photo:

Arizona SkyCenter, Mt. Lemmon AZ

Date/Time of photo:

May 4 and June 3, 2019 (new moon)


0.8-m Schulman Telescope (f/7), SBIG STX (KAF-16803) camera equipped with an anti-blooming gate, 2x2 binning, Astrodon Gen II RGB filters.


This image of Arp 271, comprising the interacting galaxy pair NGC 5426 and NGC 5427 in Virgo, utilizes imagery acquired remotely from the 9157-ft summit of Mt. Lemmon. CCDStack v2 was used to form an RGB image by combining the means of largely unguided 15-min blue and green exposures taken on May 4th (the chosen guide star was too faint for use), with the mean of guided 10-min red frames from June 3rd. The total integration time in these three channels was 60, 65 and 50-min, respectively. PhotoshopCC 2019 was used subsequently to color a synthetic luminance image prepared from that result with the initial RGB frame, and to perform high-pass filtering, color-enhancement (lab-color-mode), star-shaping (due to the inclusion of non-guided images), artifact (e.g., residual dust donut) removal, noise filtering and application of a mild unsharp mask.


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