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Location of Photo:

Cochranville, Pennsylvania

Date/Time of photo:

October 11, 2015 8:30PM EDT


Stellarvue 102ED f/6.95 guided on an iOptron iEQ45 GEM with an Orion Starshoot Autoguider. The camera was a Canon XS DSLR, ISO1600 recording 18 x 180second light frames along with darks bias and flats. The processing was performed using ImagesPlus and PS5.


NGC 6822, Barnard's Galaxy is one of our Milky Way Galaxy's closest Local Group neighbors at 1.6 million light years. As a bonus NGC6818 The Little Gem planetary is in the same field of view. What the Little Gem lacks in size it makes up for in surface brightness in contrast to the large but faint galaxy.


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