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Location of Photo:

Serra Alta - Santa Catarina - Brazil

Date/Time of photo:

02, 03 and 04 november 2016


William Optics 80 ED II | ZWO ASI 1600 MONO COOLED | AZEQ5-GT | LRGB


Spiral galaxy located 2.5 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Andromeda. It is the largest galaxy of the local group, still formed by the Galaxy of the Triangle and Via-Lactea. It is one of the objects most photographed by amateur astrophotographers, due to its beauty and also Because it is very bright, being easily located in places with low light pollution and In the absence of the moon. In the same image we can also observe its two satellite galaxies: Messier 32 (the left, along with Andromeda) And Messier 110 (to the right of the image) You could also see the NGC 206 star cluster at the bottom of the galaxy. It is estimated that Andromeda is twice the size of the Milky Way, with about 250,000 light-years in diameter. Scientists believe that Andromeda is on a collision course with our galaxy, And that this cosmic event would happen in 4 billion years.




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