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Vishal Sharma

Location of Photo:

Greater Noida Extension, Uttar Pradesh, India

Date/Time of photo:

05/12/2021, 04:45am


Celestron 127mm Maksutov, ZWO ASI120 MC-S Camera, ZWO IR/UV Cut Filter, Celestron 2x Barlow, iOptron MiniTower


Saturn on May 12th Poor seeing for my second session of this year’s planetary season. A tip of bluish southern hemisphere is visible at bottom which started to emerge into sunlight after many years of darkness. Due to this long darkness period most of the heavier aerosols in the upper atmosphere settled down to lower atmosphere. The upper atmosphere at it's southern polar region is covered with very tiny & light weighted aerosols which scatter only in the shorter wavelength blue light rays in the outer space. Once it faces the sunlight completely over the coming years, the atmospheric temperature will rise & this region will gradually change its bluish color to yellowish hue same as in the Northern Hemisphere. Emerging Southern hemisphere is clearly visible in the image on top. Processed in: Autostakkert, RegiStax & Photoshop.