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Location of Photo:

Observatory Parsec, Canoas, Brazil

Date/Time of photo:

November, 19-2016; 08:02 UT


C14 Edge + ASI 224 + PM 2X + L filter


Looking at this photo with such a low angle of illumination I could not help but remember Ancient Newton. Who knows Ancient Newton? A huge ghost crater just below Plato? Well, although little considered it has long been known as a classic ghost in which traces of its walls remain in the form of Mons Pico and Montes Teneriffe. Well, look at this photo calmly, see the big hoop around Burg! How do you feel? Wow! Now you thought like me? There does not seem to be an old underground crater. Crater that must have had its floor completely filled by lava forming the Lacus Mortis and that later to undergo the impact that originated Burg brought even deeper modifications. Even the fractures on the ground in the shape of Rimae seem to recall that there was a cracked floor crater that was heavily deformed by the impact caused by Burg. Yes my friend, the next time you look at the Moon you must do this with a very pronounced critical sense, many things must be only the result of our imagination but who can be sure ....


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