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bruce karbal

Location of Photo:

Chicago, Illinois

Date/Time of photo:

December 9, 2006 7PM CST


Pentax 125 SDP at F 6.4 prime focus imaging with Finger Lakes Instrument Proline 16803, Finger Lakes Instrument CFW 4-5 50mm square filter wheel with Astrodon 50 mm square 6nm HA filter,Pentax 75 SDHF guide scope using SBIG ST 7xeall riding atop an A/P 900 gto mount


This shot illustrates the tremendous field of view the new big chip cameras offer ! With my Pentax 125 SDP, that provides an amazing flat field at F 6.4...the field of view is 158 arc minutes x 158 arc minutes...literally 3 degrees square !!! from a 5" refractor. Additionally, this was taken at a forrest preserve less than 10 miles North of Downtown Chicago, showing just how powerfull, H-Alpha imaging can be, even from light polluted skies ! The image was 90 minutes long consisting of 3 frames of 30 minutes each. The original FITS file of this image is 64 MEG !!!


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