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White Desert / Egypt

Date/Time of photo:



Canon 80D, Canon 135 f2, SWSA, Astronomik 12nm Ha. 25 x 3min(180") exposures.


Introducing the CARINA NEBULA captured from just a 2 angle view! Who would've thought it's even possible! Behold the Cosmic Cliffs and Glittering emission of the Carina Nebula, captured from Egypt. This 50-light-year-wide view of the central region of the Carina Nebula is home to the Keyhole Nebula and Eta Carinae, an active, unstable supergiant star. The nebula is a maelstrom of star birth and death, where gas and dust collapse to form stars with explosive results. The growing stars hurl harsh radioactive winds in all directions, creating a stunning display of twinkling lights within its clouds. Captured in Ha (Hydrogen Alpha), this image reveals previously obscured details about this fascinating astronomical wonder. Here we can see the beautiful bortle 1 white desert with the star nurseries above.