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Fernando Rodriguez



Location of Photo:

Weston, FL

Date/Time of photo:

Sept 18th 2011, 3AM EST


Each frame using the new DMK21AU618.AS camera, Astronomik type II Luminance filter, aprox 900 frames for each of the 4 pictures, Registax 6, Imerge and Photoshop using a Celestron 11 SCT with CGEM mount, Rigel Systems motorized focuser on GSO Crayford.


This is something I thought I would never attempt. My scope is effectively working above 9700mm focal length therefore I tried to shoot Clavius in a single frame and it did not fit. I decided to go ahead and see what would happen with more shots to build a mosaic and include part of the surrounding area even though the seeing was not good. This is the result. A pretty BIG image of Clavius made with 4 frames.


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