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Jan Sonnvik

Location of Photo:

Dalby, Sweden

Date/Time of photo:



Canon 20Da/Celestron NexStar 11 GPS with f6.3 reducer. The color channels are averaged from a batch of 100 individual exposures. This allows the color saturation to be greatly enhanced without introducing too much color noise. The luminance channel is taken from one high resolution exposure. Post processing in Photoshop.


The Moon shows it's true colors! If our eyes were color sensitive enough, this is how we would see the Moon. So the Moon has colors even if they are subtle. The diffences are mainly due to different mineral composition of the Lunar regolith. For example, mares (lava fields) rich in titanium are blue while titanium-poor lavas are red. Also note the different (reddish) color of imapact melt around major craters, in particular Tycho (bottom center).




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