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Shane Finnigan



Location of Photo:

Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Date/Time of photo:

Oct 28th, 2007 11:50pm


Photoraphed with a Canon 10D afocally connected to a Skywatcher 120Ed and a EQ6 pro mount.


Last night (Oct 28th) I was out with my Skywatcher 120ED on the EQ6 pro mount and was able to image comet 17P/Holmes under the clear crisp Ottawa night sky. I was using my Canon 10D afocally at varying ISO’s and exposure times but found the best to be ISO200 at 30seconds. Focal length of this scope is 700mm and the Camera multiplies that by 1.6 to 1120mm. The image is cropped but not reduced or altered in any way whatsoever (no gamma, brightness, contrast … nothing) and was shot at ISO 200 at 30 seconds.


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