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Pepe Chambó

Location of Photo:

Mayhill, New Mexico

Date/Time of photo:

2021 September 16, 10:13 UT


Planewave 17" CDK f/4.5, FLI PL6303E


My first image of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko wich returned after its previous 2015 appearance in which succeed the Rosetta-Philae mission. This image is from September 16, 2021, and in it you can see the comet at magnitude 11 with a some curved tail of 14' in angular length and an asymmetric coma of 6' in diameter, perhaps due to gas jets coming from the nucleus, and upon which a human artifact rests forever. Comet 67P will be at its maximum brightness of magnitude 9.5 between October and November.