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Mike Olason

Location of Photo:

Denver, Colorado

Date/Time of photo:

23 June 2018, 0801UT


11" SCT f/6.4 and STF-8300M CCD Camera


Comet C/2016 M1 (PANSTARRS) will be at perihelion in its 128,071 year orbit on August 10 when it will be 205 million miles from the Sun, at aphelion it will be 470 billion miles from the Sun. In this gif Comet C/2016 M1 is 120 million miles from the Earth at about magnitude 9, as bright as it probably will get. It is only 7 degrees above the southern horizon in this and will not be visible from Denver (40N) north after July 8 until September 2019 when it will again be visible from Denver at about magnitude 15.


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