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Mike Olason



Location of Photo:

Tucson, Arizona

Date/Time of photo:

15 July 2020, 0416UT


50mm Refractor f/4 and ZWO ASI178MC Camera


This is a 6 image gif covering 56 minutes in the life of Comet C/2019 U6 (Lemmon). Each image is 300 seconds (30x10s) and the images are about 5 minutes apart. The field of view is 1.9 by 1.4 degrees. The images were captured with a 50mm refractor f/4 and a ZWO ASI178MC camera. 2019 U6 reached perihelion in its 9032 year orbit on June 18 reaching magnitude 6 and is now moving away from the Sun and Earth. When these images were taken the comet was about magnitude 8, 85 million miles from Earth and moving across our sky at 1.6 degrees per day.


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