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Mike Olason

Location of Photo:

Tucson, Arizona

Date/Time of photo:

15 November 2021, 1225 UT


25mm f/4 and ST-402 CCD Camera


In this gif and image Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) is magnitude 8.9 and 100 million miles from Earth. The image is 2.6 x 2.6 degrees composed of 90 seconds each RGB taken with a 25mm f/4 lens and ST-402 CCD Camera. The gif is 10 x 60 second images taken with an 11" SCT and STF-8300M CCD Camera. The comet will make it's close approach to Earth on December 12 and only be 21 million miles from Earth. It is expected to brighten to about magnitude 4 on December 12 but will be low in the eastern horizon before dawn. It should be about magnitude 6 by December 1 at which time it will be 50 degrees above the eastern horizon before dawn and will be lower each following morning and a little brighter until it is just above the horizon on December 12 at dawn and hopefully at least magnitude 4.