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Blue Canyon - Nyack Airport

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William Optics Fluorostar 132, Qhy268C, UV/IR filter


Good day, I would like to submit my image of Comet C2021 A1 Leonard and Messier 3. The image was taken from Blue Canyon – Nyack Airport little over an hour outside Sacramento California. This is the site for Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society. From my location M3 cleared the horizon at 1:30am and I was able to slew the telescope to it by 2:45. My plan was to shoot 10x360 second exposures tracking the comet and 16x360 second exposures tracking the stars. The 16 exposures tracking the stars turned out easier to process and that’s how I’ve created my image. I started this hobby a year ago and this was my first comet. I’ve spent about 2 weeks planning and testing things from home. The equipment used was: William Optics Fluorostar 132 with 0.72 reducer for 667mm focal length at F5 QHY 268C camera, Mode 1, Gain 59, Offset 20 at -15C Baader UV/IR filter and my EQ6R-Pro mount. I used CometAlignment in Pixinsight to process the data. Thank you for your consideration, Gergo Baldauf