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James L. Maxwell

Location of Photo:

Near Jemez Springs, New Mexico, USA

Date/Time of photo:

November 16, 2007


Meade 10" LXD55 Schmidt Newtonian UHTC, Losmandy G-11 Mount, Cooled Centralds Canon 400D DSLR at 27 deg. F, Acquired and Processed in Nebulosity, Further Processing in PhotoFiltre and Photoshop.


This astrophoto shows Comet Holmes near Alpha Persei with a portion of the "broken-off" tail at lower right. The comet nucleus appears to partially occult a small star during the exposure. The photo is a stack of 130x8second exposures using only light frames (no dark frames), and attempts to bring out both the fine tail and detail of the coma. Taken at Jemez Mountain Observatory at 8300 ft. elevation.


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