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Bob Lockwood

Location of Photo:

San Diego County, Anza Borrego Desert.

Date/Time of photo:

Feb 26th 2009


Takahashi E-180 @ f2.8 504mm SBIG-ST10XME Astro-Physics 900 GTOCP3


Exposures started at about 11pm. Feb 26th 2009 from San Diego County, Anza Borrego Desert. There was a total of 75 sub exposures, 25 each RGB filter @ 45 second, with a 30 second delay between exposure using a Takahashi Epsilon-180 and an SBIG-ST10XME / Guiding on the comets core. This would allow enough time over the 75 exposures to see how far this comet is moving in about 3 hours. This particular comet was moving very fast through solar system, which is why I decided to make it a video. Processing all the individual RGB subs (75) into the final 25 color images was done using Photoshop CS and took about two weeks to finish. FotoMorph was the program used to create the animation. Final results shows about three hours of the comet moving against the star background.




Image of Robert-Lockwood


November 24, 2016 at 2:32 pm

Comet Lulin, not Lunin, sorry for any confusion.

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