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Location of Photo:

guilan , Iran

Date/Time of photo:

july , 28 , 2020


canon 450D , 18-55 is


Comet NEOWISE, named for the space telescope that discovered it on March 27, was at first only visible through powerful telescopes , But every thing changed and it had been visible to the naked eye for some days. these days it has just brightened enough to be seen through binoculars. (people when hear about the comet thinks that they can see a long tale in the sky but its not true ) with naked eye you can hardly see the green core of the comet because it is getting further from the Sun and Earth and a brightening waxing crescent moon is beginning to interfere with dark skies , so Keep an eye out for it , because it won’t be back for 7,000 years. These days for observers in the northern hemisphere, the comet can be seen on the northwestern horizon, below the Big Dipper.


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