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Taha Ghouchkanlu

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Canon EOS 6D


Last week Comet Neowise reached its brightest magnitudeduring recent weeks and was seen easily in 1.3 magnitude with naked eye. But at35 degrees’ latitudes just about 6 degrees higher from the horizon faded in thetwilight of sunrise.These days while in most countries with higher altitudes easily see itat 10 to 15 degrees above horizon with spectacular details of nucleus and tailespecially ion gas tail, I was dealing with dust and clouds to find a suitablelocation within 4 hours away from Tehran. Finally, last night I could capturethe comet in the almost good evening sky in the northwest. But last evening decreasing the comet brightness was soobvious and reaching its brightness from 1.3 to 2.9 during two days makes ithard to detect in naked eye compared to last week. Also absence of enoughheight from horizon and dust even by photographing at 3000 altitudes and afterdeep edit processing to reveal the gas tail, the dust particle is completelydistinguished. However, by passing days the comet gets altitudes and gets in abetter condition to observe and photograph if it doesn't fade before that.




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