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Location of Photo:

Dublin, Ireland

Date/Time of photo:

Saturday July 11, 02:46 AM (UTC+1)


Canon EOS Ra, Samyang 135mm f2, ISO 1600, Skywatcher Star Adventurer, 3.3 sec


Since the comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) became visible, we have had clouds every night with a clear night forecasted for the night between July 10-11. After a careful planification using Photopills and Stellarium, it seems that the Merrion Strand at Dublin beach was a very good spot to see the comet over the Poolbeg chimneys. During the night, the sky truly delivered, not only removing the clouds but giving us some of the brightest noctilucent clouds in some time. It was an incredible show, with the comet still visible to the naked-eye and blue colours taking up the whole sky




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