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Victor C. Rogus

Location of Photo:

Jadwin, Mo.

Date/Time of photo:

03/26/2013 20:32:28 Local time


Tonight I wish to submit two images of Comet, Pan-STARRS as it continues to grace our backwoods Missouri skies...it is getting harder. With the Full Moon at my back and the stars slowly appearing above my head I scanned the horizon looking for the famous celestial visitor we call Pan-STARRS. It is indeed dimmer, but still makes a nice showing for those who take the time to seek out this marvel in the darkness. A Cannon 60Da camera was used with a Baader 61mm x 250mm Vario Finder as a lens. Exposure of 3"2 seconds at f 4.1 and ISO of 2000 were used. Camera on tripod method.


This is a lonely, dark place where we live, but I love it here, and this time of night is special to me as the sounds of the night birds and animals fill the air, and viewing this wonderful comet makes it all the better. A sight I will never forget. This visitor from the Ort Cloud has touched many of the people of the Earth and I am most happy to have made it part of my life.


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