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Carmelo Zannelli



Location of Photo:

Palermo city

Date/Time of photo:

16th march 2013 - 18,19 U.T.


Canon EOS40SD; Sigma 18-200 @ 200mm; 9 stacked photos @ ISO 800 F/4,5; 3,5 secs. eachone. Processing and stacking with Photoshop CS-5


Here finally (weather conditions were really bad) my first attempt of capture PanStarrs comet; Me and my friend Antonio Lazzara we planned several yimes, and this time we have success from my home in Palermo city (Sicily); the comet seems to be lower in lightness, I haven't had the chance to compare its brightness with nearby stars so I estimate an integrated magnitude of about 3 but the twilight still not allowed to see it clearly with the naked eye, while a 8x40 binobular showed it in all its beauty and my little 150-F/4 newton showed a very bright nucleus with a dust tail extended about 1,5 - 2 degrees (my exstimation). Clear skies! Carmelo Zannelli Palermo, Sicily - ITALY




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